LASCAR is the epic story of one man’s journey to fulfil his destiny.

When Ayan discovers his brother has cancer, the need to cover medical expenses propels him to leave poverty-stricken Bengal and emulate their late father by becoming a Lascar – shovelling coal in the bowels of the steamships trading between India and England.

The brutal reality of this existence leaves Ayan fearing for his life. Fleeing the ship, he disappears into the bitter-cold streets of Victorian London.

What follows is a true test of faith, as Ayan experiences love, loss, prejudice and extreme injustice.

After serving time for a crime he did not commit, the kindness of a new friend, and a chance meeting with a young half-caste street urchin changes everything, prompting Ayan to re-examine his life…

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Rani Goes to the Mela

It's Rani's first mela. Grandad thinks she's too little to take part. Everything changes when Rani gets lost.

Rani and the Wedding Shoes.jpg

Rani and the Wedding Shoes

It’s Rani’s sister’s wedding and Rani has been given the most important job of all. However, what started as a fun game of hide and seek looks as though it might go horribly wrong, until Rani’s mummy saves the day.